About Us

At TGM we believe readiness should be a lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on equipping military, law enforcement, security, public safety workers, and regular dads and moms with tactical gear you can trust, so you’re always prepared to protect.

Our founder, Josh Felber, is a successful lifetime entrepreneur with a deep passion for family and safety. That’s why as a father of three, Josh made it his personal mission to equip families with the apparel, gear, and supplies they need to protect and stay safe.

TGM is unapologetically founded on the core beliefs of Freedom, Christian values, and love for our great country. We specialize in providing conventional and non-conventional equipment with the sole purpose of preserving innocent life.

We recognize that when you need tactical equipment, you need it fast. That’s why most orders are picked and packed within a few business days.

We don’t take our customers’ safety and satisfaction lightly. To us, 100% satisfaction is at the core of who we are and what we believe you deserve.

Whether you’re military, law enforcement, a mom or dad, or member of public service, we’re honored to supply you with all your tactical gear needs!

Always prepared to protect.



Founder Josh Felber & The TGM Team